How to Get Rich in Stocks

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By Jason McIntosh | Published 12 April 2022

I’m going to tell you how to get rich in stocks in a moment. But first, I have a cautionary tale of someone with a high risk of losing most of their capital.

I had a really interesting email recently. It was from a new subscriber to my Motion Trader service. He’d been with me for three weeks, and he said that he wanted to cancel and get a refund. He said while he really loves what I do, and wishes he found the service 10 years earlier, he needs to make money quickly to help his family.

My heart just really sank for this guy because if you’ve been in the markets for a while, you know that the market doesn’t work on anyone’s timetable. The market doesn’t care who you want to support, what you want to do, what you want to make, or how quickly you want to make it. The market is going to do what the market is going to do. All we can do is look for the setups and trade those setups accordingly.

People who are chasing fast dollars are often attracted to the wrong services. You’ve probably seen promotions where the promoter says, “If you’d put $1,000 on this stock I tipped six months ago, you’d now have $10,000.” The only problem is they don’t tell you about all the other stocks which went down 80%.

It’s very tricky. People want the promise of fast dollars (and a lot of shonky promoters will say they can deliver quick riches). But it’s just not the way the market works. I’m reminded of some wise words an old-seasoned investor told me early in my career. He said, “Jason, if you want to get rich, get rich slowly.”

Do you know what? He was spot on. And that’s what I’ve done. I’ve built eight figures of net wealth by taking it slowly… and without excessive risks.

People who chase fast dollars, typically take big risk, have high leverage, and they inevitably almost always blow up. If you’re after a fast dollar, I’m not the guy to guide you, I’m afraid. I believe success is all about patience. It’s about staying on big trends for as long as possible and using wide trailing stops.

That’s how the stock market has made me rich. It’s not exciting and it’s not fast. But if you have the right approach and you stick with it, then the market can deliver the success you want.

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And most importantly, I’ll tell you how you could do it too.

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I'm Jason McIntosh, the creator of Motion Trader. My career began in 1991 on the trading floor at Bankers Trust. Nowadays, I trade my own systems from home in Sydney. 
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