Could an algorithm give your share investments an edge? 

Motion Trader is a share trading advisory service with a difference. It uses engineered algorithms to identify when to buy and sell ASX stocks. No biases or guesswork, just data driven signals. 

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Could an algorithm give your share portfolio an edge? 

Motion Trader is an advisory service with a difference. It uses engineered algorithms to identify when to buy and sell ASX stocks. No biases or guesswork, just data driven signals. 

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What we provide

Share trading advice designed for investors that want results

Motion Trader is for investors who value robust analysis, data driven entry and exit signals, commentary, and education. With our share trading guides and advice, you’ll be buying and selling like a pro in no time. We’ll send you specialised, expert stock market research that’s ready to action through your broker.

Our algorithms scan the ASX daily for medium-term investment trends. We also share our own results so you can build confidence and trust in the process. It's all about giving you the tools and experience to take control of your share trading.

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All the tools to learn to trade shares and build a profitable share portfolio

A key element of our service is to help develop your skills in trading shares. In addition to receiving specific buy and sell instructions, you’ll also learn how the process works.

We teach members how to identify, manage, and exit stocks via a weekly mentoring report. Motion Trader doesn't just tell you what to do, we also explain how to do it yourself with our easy-to-understand instructional videos and trading guides.

But does it work?

An advisory service for retail investors and SMSFs learning to trade shares.

I'm Jason McIntosh, the creator of Motion Trader. I began my career in 1991 on the trading floor at Bankers Trust working with some of the best traders in the industry, and I became a pretty good trader myself.

Nowadays, I trade my own systems at home in Sydney. But what I most enjoy is helping regular people invest like the pros. My Motion Trader strategies have helped thousands of people over with buying and trading shares in the ASX.

What's a trading floor really like?

Real People. Real Results.

When you join Motion Trader,  you’re joining a group of investors who take a professional approach to better their investment portfolios and give insights to others looking to do the same.

Trading Strategy is working

"Jason, you have positively changed the way I manage my portfolio. Your system has taught me let the profits run, and cut the losses quickly. This strategy is working.

- George S, Geophysicist, Perth

Amongst those special few

"Jason, I cannot praise you enough for your inspirational leadership and success. I have in silent awe followed all your trade notifications and weekly tutorials."

- Eric M, retired Engineer, Melbourne

I'm now a share market investor

"Jason, thank you for breaking me free of all my old share market gambling habits. I needed a strategy, one that you were able to provide. I don’t fear losing any more."

- Peter T, Geologist, Sydney & Vientiane

Market beating performance

"I am more confident to increase my trading because I can monitor risk. I also sleep better at night. The result of trading with Jason, for me, has been market beating."

- James D, Engineer, South Australia

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Make money while you learn

"I found Jason’s system and my trading world changed. Jason is also a wonderful mentor. I’m such a better trader because of him. I recommend the service highly." 

- Kim B, retired Business Owner, NSW

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Absolutely awesome!

"I've followed Jason's work since 2000, and his trading services since 2014. They are absolutely awesome. Jason will change the way you trade, and teach you as well."

- Jennifer G, Financial Services, Sydney

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We're serious about your success


Don't just follow our buy and sell signals, learn how the process works. Our weekly mentoring reports help build your skills.

Buy & sell signals 

We'll tell you exactly when to buy and precisely when to sell stocks. No more gut feel. You'll know what to do every time.  


Questions are a key part of the learning process. If you're unsure about any aspect of the service, we're hear to help.


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