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"Make money while you learn!"  

"I’ve been playing in the stock market for around 30 years and thought I knew a bit about trading. My results were OK, but too often I followed someone’s tip all the way to the bottom or got out way too soon. About 15 years ago I started following “experts”, literally about 20 of them, all promising outrageous returns and exactly zero of the them consistently beating the market."

"In 2014 I came across Jason’s system and my trading world changed. The simple promise of “letting winners run and cutting losses early” was the main attraction, but I liked that the system was based on Jason’s algorithm rather than someone trying to pick a stock based on fundamentals or fortune telling."

"That I’m getting double digit gains by just buying and selling according to the signals he gives is fabulous. The bonus is that Jason is also wonderful mentor. I was only expecting a “what to trade” service, but he also gives fantastic insights to how to trade."

"I also appreciate that he takes the time to give such complete and thoughtful answers to my questions. I’m such a better trader because of him."  

"Make money while you learn!! I couldn’t recommend the service highly enough. It works, and everyone interested in getting into share trading should subscribe."

- Kim B, retired Business Owner, NSW

"You are amongst those special few."

"Jason, I cannot praise you enough for your inspirational leadership and success in managing Quant Trader (the foreunner to Motion Trader)."

"I joined just after it started in 2015 and I have in silent awe followed all your trade notifications and weekly tutorials."

"I am nearly 91 years old, and during my odd moments of nostalgic doting my mind often goes back to my school days when teaching was a real profession. I was lucky, I had a few, but luckily enough, memorable masters who had this wonderful gift of being able to teach a class of 30 or more pupils and yet hold everyone’s attention, I have revered these wonderful people for all of my adult life."

"You, Jason, have thoroughly earned the same respect, you are amongst those special few. Please continue the good work. I wish you every success with Motion Trader. I am utterly determined to be with you on this coming (and I know) successful journey."

- Eric M, retired Automotive Engineer, Melbourne

"I am now a share market investor and no longer a gambler."

"Jason, thank you for breaking me free of all my old share market gambling habits… I am now a share market investor!!"

"I had been a share market gambler for many years off and on. Consistently made a little money and lost a lot more."

"I then started taking advice from various newsletters, but was still a poor trader and did not really cope with the issues of stocks losing money for me, even though some stocks made money. I was still a believer in the fundamental analysis approach as the most important criteria. If a company had a great product or a great story I was hooked. However, I now know I was just gambling and had no exit plan."

"I then started using Quant Trader (the forerunner to Motion Trader) which appeared to me to be a great computer assisted system, proven by back testing over more than twenty years and a number of economic cycles. I understood what the system was supposed to do but I had to break my old habits and become an investor; I needed a strategy, one that you were able to provide."

"I am here to make money and I am under no illusions about what Quant Trader recommends — a series of best estimates of what is trending up and likely to continue to do so. There are no guarantees any one stock will do OK but there is a huge weight of evidence to show that the recommended portfolio, appropriately managed, will make money. You need to follow the rules, which I now am able to do and that is emotionally liberating. I don’t fear losing money on a trade any more."

"I am very much looking forwards to the upgraded Quant Trader system, now known as Motion Trader, as I am now a share market investor and no longer a gambler. I am now able to make the most of all the expertise and experience you have crafted into your algorithms. These allows such a great in depth daily review of all Australian stocks and a sound basis for share market investing."

- Peter T, Geologist, Sydney & Vientiane

"Strategy is working."  

"Jason, you have positively changed the way I manage my portfolio."

"Your system has taught me to do is hold many small positions, let the profits run, and cut the losses quickly. This strategy is working well."

"Before your intervention, I let losing positions keep going down, hoping they would recover, and I closed winning positions that kept on rising after I sold."

"Today, I set my exit orders and let the brokers’ systems cut my positions if they hit the stop loss. Your system has delivered me double-digit returns, eliminated the risk of an individual position significantly damaging my portfolio, and let me concentrate on assessing the benefits/risks of potential new trades, rather than worrying about open positions."

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to become a better trader."

- George S, Geophysicist and Mining Director, Perth

"Heartfelt thank-you."

"Hi Jason,"

"Hope this email finds you well."

"I was a Quant Trader* subscriber for two years (you featured a question of mine in a couple of reports) and I withdrew to try and develop my own system."

"I just finished reading your Quant Trader report in today’s “Money Morning” email and felt compelled to write to you when I read your words:"

'I want you to be able to replicate Quant Trader's strategies for yourself.'

"Well, over the last nearly four years I think I’ve done just that and it’s absolutely down to your teaching (as well as having an excellent model to follow in Quant Trader)."

"This is what my system has managed to do in the last two-and-a-quarter years:"

"This uses $1,000 per trade (no costs or dividends) and runs in my spreadsheet daily (not a backtest)."

"After two years of analysis, three months of build, three months of preliminary testing and two years of further (exhaustive) testing and live trading I am finally ready to trade my entire self-managed super fund. So far, so good."

"None of this would have been possible without you, Jason, so a heartfelt thank you. You have certainly achieved your goal of helping other people become good traders." 

"Anyway, thanks again for all your fantastic input and wisdom – your mentorship means the world."

"All the very best,"

- Neil B, Restaurateur, Bunbury

(You can read a more detailed letter from Neil here

"The best system I have ever come across."

Great information and insight, it brings to mind something I was taught 28 years ago when I first started: "Inch by inch the jobs a cinch, by the yard it's very hard".

To the sceptics, you will see a lot of nonsense out there, but let me assure you as a seasoned ex-professional and now retired adviser, trading on his own account, Motion Trader is, without doubt, the best system I have ever come across.

And believe me, I have tried heaps and lost heaps along the way.

Don't make my mistakes, they are just too expensive.

- Bob D, retired adviser, Victoria

"This has made everything crystal clear."

"I am an elderly lady, long retired. I first started getting interested in trading shares in the mid 1990s. We heard many pieces of advice to guide us, amongst them 'The trend is your friend' and 'Cut your losses and let your profits run'. But when you are new at the game this is not always easy to do in practice, and also you get the contradictory advice of 'You’ll never go broke taking a profit'. I made a lot more losses than profits in those days!"

"For the last few years I have been using Jason’s Quant Trader service (the forerunner to Motion Trader), and this has made everything crystal clear. All you have to do is choose which of Jason’s recommendations to buy, and then Jason’s advice will show you how long to hold on to it and when it is time to sell. Not every trade will be a winner of course, but you should get more winners than losers and you will watch your wealth gradually increase over time."

"Jason’s service is suitable for everyone - both for those new to share trading and for the more experienced. Many will enjoy his trading advice so they can get better at managing their portfolio themselves, but for those without the time or inclination to do this they can just use the service for advice on what to buy and when to sell, and that will work just as well for them."

"And if you ever have any questions you need never be afraid to ask. Even if you think it’s a silly question, Jason will always answer it clearly and patiently."

- Jean, retired admin. assistant, Sydney

"Absolutely awesome." 

"I've followed Jason's work since 2000, and his trading services since 2014. They are absolutely awesome. Just do what they say and you'll make money. There'll naturally be some losses, but overall I'm well in front." 

"More importantly, Jason will change the way you trade, and teach you in the process. The education you get is second to none.Thanks Jason. It's been a fantastic learning curve!" 

- Jennifer G, Financial Services, Sydney

"Thank you for encouraging me to change the way I invest."

"Jason, I have greatly enjoyed riding the Quant Trader cable car, it enabled me to view the share investment world from a very different perspective. One which has been profitable for me. I look forward to the next journey with Motion Trader."

"A number of small trades, letting profits run and cutting losses short are concepts that underpin every position I have today. Long gone is gambling my entire bank on a single options trade. As a self-funded retiree, my primary source of income is the share market. So, I have become progressively more analytical about the stocks in which I invest, and when I invest in them. Trend, financial health, liquidity, Elliot Wave, etc. are integral parts of my analysis, and patience part of my execution process."

"Unlike before Quant Trader, when I thought I could double my money in months, today, my horizon is years. My motivation for investing has also changed from wanting to be rich to wanting to leave sufficient funds for my children to be comfortable in their retirement."

"When I read some of the challenges faced by your younger and less experienced subscribers, I reflect on how much healthier my portfolio might be today if I had had a Jason McIntosh as a mentor when I first dipped my toe into the share market over fifty years ago."

"I think the potential benefit of the advice you provide to your subscribers is immeasurable. I hope your subscribers are wise enough to follow it. Thank you for encouraging me to change the way I invest."

- Warwick R, retired IT Consultant, Melbourne

"Sleep well at night".

"We are a single child family with both parents having non-investing professional backgrounds." 

"We have been running our own self-managed Super Fund for the best part of 20 years. Over this time we have tried a number of strategies to build value."

"About seven years ago the fund's value was stagnating, and we became a lot more involved with active investing, as opposed to "Buy and Hold".  We have tried a few different services with limited success (and frustration) and were looking for services to assist us in building the value of our super."

"We came across Quant Trader* through a lead from the Financial Review and asked for the information on how the service worked." 

"From the outset Jason has been very open about the system's workings, providing introductory video's that were easy to understand and follow. We joined Jason's service as an early adopter in 2014. His system is very well structured, with clearly defined rules taking a lot of the emotion out of trading."

"Daily emails with signals make it easy to follow and the use of stop losses clearly defines the risk for every trade before entering it. The system suits our busy lifestyle as we are able to maintain it with maybe an hour or two each week."

"The weekly email reports from Jason have also been extremely useful in building our own knowledge and understanding of how to trade markets more effectively. We have been able to take many of the principles from the system and apply them to other areas of our investing." 

"While there are times when gains decline, overall Jason's system has outperformed the market every year we have been in it, and there have been several exceptional trades that have gained over 100% returns. We find the system easy to follow, implement and sleep well at night knowing that the downside risk is capped." 

"We recommend the service to people wanting to try share investing, as it provides a relatively safe environment to learn the skills necessary for such a venture."

- Dom B, Mining engineer, WA

"I think of you as the very experienced race driver." 

"I always think that calling your system 'algorithmic trading' takes away the essence of what you have created in many people's minds. You have poured all your experience into a computer program that reflects your specific insights into trading and allows you, with computer assistance, to arrive at buy and sell recommendations and updates to the stop loss levels."

"The computer does what it is told, it doesn't make the decisions. We are subscribing to a very experienced trader's best recommendations on trades. That you use a computer should be seen in the same light as a race car driver using a racing car. The computer is a tool and not the driver of Motion Trader. I think of you as the very experienced race driver who thought out the winning strategy." 

- Peter T, Geologist, Sydney & Vientiane

"Jason's system is exceptional value."

"I have been trading in shares for over 50 years - for most of the time I have been a fundamentalist, that is I have looked at the perceived valuation of a company against its valuation on the share market, this is a similar approach used by Warren Buffet. Where I have departed from this is with speculative shares e.g. mining and oil stocks. I have had some exceptional returns e.g. I purchased Poseidon share in 1968 at about $2 and sold them at $100 per share in 1969. They latter hit $304 per share but the company went into liquidation 2 years later."

"My experience with Jason is that his system gives a technical indicator which highlights likely price movements in advance of the future price."

"His system, although not fool proof, but what is, has great merit. For example I purchased MYX and the share price went up by over 100%. Jason's system said sell when most investment advisors were still ranking it as buy. Fortunately I took notice of Jason's system - the stock fell from $1.33 in to $0.43 over the following months. The result is a locked in a profit. But without Jason's system, I would almost certainly be making a loss."

"I have also acted on some of his buy signals, one of the best was his recommendations to buy ANO in February. I purchased them at $1.45 and sold them in May at $7.00. Although Jason's system still hadn't issued a sell signal, I would never have purchased them had it not been for his strong buy signal."

"I have found his system to be exceptional value. The opportunity to have the advantage of years of experience which has been incorporated into an algorithm, which appears to be valid in its construction. giving the results achieved is invaluable." 

"I have no hesitation in recommending Jason's Motion trader system. I give this recommendation independently and I have never had any direct contact or communication with Jason - but I do intend to do so in the future."

- Wayne S, Retired, Sydney

"Market beating performance."

I have been trading with Jason's systems for 2 years (Motion Trader and its predecessor, Quant Trader). My results have correlated well with Jason's claims.

The most important part of Motion Trader in my opinion is the the management of risk. The trading portfolio is highly diversified. Many smaller trades means that one unsuccessful trade cannot ruin the whole portfolio.

Every trade has a stop-loss position. If a trade is not working out, there is a firm, calculated point at which to make an exit. There is no guessing or hoping about a losing trade making a comeback. This means that I can create a better measure of risk exposure and monitor it. I am more confident to increase my trading activity because I can monitor risk. I also sleep better at night.

Not all trades will be profitable. No system can guarantee that. But by scanning the market for stocks that are showing a growth trend, Motion Trader improves the odds of buying into strengthening stocks more often.

By updating the stop loss positions, Motion Trader ensures that losses are taken early while they are generally smaller, and profits are allowed to grow. If you win just as often as you lose, but win more each time, you still profit. It's not about being right every time.

Portfolio management is quite simple. I use conditional orders with my broker to manage the stop (exit) points so I don't have to react immediately if something happens. It takes me less than half an hour each week to update the conditional orders and a spreadsheet I use to monitor my portfolio's performance and risk. Record keeping is important for tax reporting.

The result of trading with Jason, for me, has been market beating performance.

- James D, Engineer, South Australia

* Quant Trader was the forerunner to Motion Trader. Jason created and ran the service for Port Phillip Publishing between November 2014 to April 2019. Motion Trader uses similar, but improved algorithms. You could say it's the 2.0 version.  


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