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Having access to an actual quant’s tried-and-tested trading system is a very rare thing indeed. That he’s actually making his own system available to other people is remarkable. I’ve since discovered that many of the wealthiest and most successful traders in the world use very similar trend-following algorithmic systems and have done so for decades: Jerry Parker (one of the original Turtle Traders), Bill Dunn, David Harding – all multi-millionaires or billionaires. The chance to use a comparable system to theirs is a genuine opportunity.

I subscribed to Jason’s original Quant Trader system in December 2014. I was naturally a little apprehensive purchasing a computer-driven system but in hindsight I now know why, deep down, I knew this was genuine: Jason doesn’t exclusively focus on the upside, he also tells you the downside and the potential pitfalls. How many people selling a product will do that? This level of integrity gave me the confidence to subscribe for two years straight off the bat.

I also decided early on I only ever needed to listen to people in the financial space who satisfied two rules:

  1. They used their own methodology to build their own personal wealth, and
  2. They had been doing so for at least 20 years.

Jason ticked both boxes.

Algorithmic trading systems are often referred to as “black box”, meaning you don’t know how the system creates its buy and sell signals. It’s extremely difficult to have the confidence to put your hard-earned money into something like that. Most quant shops guard their system’s inner workings like Coca-Cola guards its recipe. Jason isn’t like this at all: he explains the process in great detail. I found this not only astounding, but extremely confidence-building.

Over the course of the next two years, he used lots of examples from actual live trades to explain the concepts — not just one or two “ideal” cherry-picked trades like you’ll find in many trading books. He also went through ones that didn’t work, rather than shying away from these, as they’re all part of the overall success of a system.

As if all this were not fantastic enough, Jason goes one better: he gives you his mentorship.

Finding a mentor in the algorithmic space — let someone with several decades of experience – is next to impossible. Jason is the real deal and a great bloke too: I’ve had several interactions with him over the last few years and he’s very generous with his time and knowledge. He answered every one of my emails personally with great insights (I asked some fairly involved questions) and he even phoned me directly to talk about my progress.

I know how important mentorship is: I used Jason’s system as a blueprint to build my own system which I’m now trading my entire super fund with. Without his work as a model — and without his weekly mentoring reports explaining the trading process — I wouldn’t have known where to begin.

If like me, you are fascinated with algorithmic trading and are prepared to work extremely hard every day for four years straight (and already have a very good knowledge of the markets, technical analysis, spreadsheets and programming), you can do the same. This is the level of commitment it takes to succeed when building your own system.

If not, there’s a much easier solution: subscribe to Jason’s service. It’s really that simple — and it works better than any other method I’ve come across (and I’ve looked at or tried most of them now). Algorithmic trading is a truly wonderful, low time-intensive, stress-free way to trade, and this is your access to that rarefied world.

Neil, Restaurateur, WA  

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