Investment Insights

Learn to invest in the stock market without taking big risks. These share trading strategy guides explain how to identify some of the best stocks to buy on the ASX. It will also help you avoid some common trading mistakes. Whether you're a beginner investor, SMSF trader or an experienced stock market traded, these trading guides will help you refine your stock trading skills.


3 Skills to Make Investing for Beginners Child’s Play  

Lego is one of the most popular building games on the planet. You take lots of individual blocks and create something unique. Your imagination is just about the only limitation.

It may surprise you that a successful share portfolio isn’t all that different...

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3 Mistakes Beginner Traders Can Easily Avoid

Just imagine the advice you’d give your younger self. Chances are your career would progress faster, your parental skills would be better, and you’d sidestep a few financial blunders.

Trading in the stock market is no different…

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Trading techniques

Expert Trading Techniques to Make Money in Shares

Making money from the share market is hard. But with the right trading techniques, it’s possible to put the odds in your favour.

This trading strategy guide will explain two of the most powerful indicators. These provide the framework for...

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It's About Finding the Right People to Learn From

One of the hardest parts of investing is finding where to start. With so many different paths and options to consider, it's easy to understand why so many beginner investors simply give up. But do you know what? Many of the best traders and investors began the same way… that’s because everyone starts from a point of no knowledge.

Becoming a better stock trader

One of the best things about trading in the stock market is that no one’s born an expert. You don’t need a fancy qualification or be employed by a Wall Street Bank. All you need is a bit of capital and the right people to learn from. The people who’ve been there themselves. The people who’ve had the struggles and come out the other side.

The aim of this website is to develop your trading and investing skills. We offer a range of free videos and articles to help you develop a framework to build and manage your own share portfolio. You’ll also get insights on how to select stocks (and put the odds in your favour), when to buy stocks, and when to sell your share investments.

Our goal is to put you on the right path early in your investing career. We want to help you avoid the trading mistakes and big investment losses that many people experience. And we want to help you reach your goal without all the years of trial and error.

Hopefully, our articles and videos make the investment process a little bit easier for you.

Jason and the Motion Trader team


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