How to Build a Profitable Share Portfolio

Discover 5 Steps Top Traders Use

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Strategy is Working

"Jason, you have positively changed the way I manage my portfolio. Your system has taught me let the profits run, and cut the losses quickly. This strategy is working well.

- George S, Geophysicist, Perth

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"Jason, I cannot praise you enough for your inspirational leadership and success. I have in silent awe followed all your trade notifications and weekly tutorials."

- Eric M, retired Automotive Engineer, Melbourne

I am now a share market investor

"Jason, thank you for breaking me free of all my old share market gambling habits. I needed a strategy, one that you were able to provide. I don’t fear losing money on a trade any more."

- Peter T, Geologist, Sydney & Vientiane

Market beating performance

I am more confident to increase my trading activity because I can monitor risk. I also sleep better at night. The result of trading with Jason, for me, has been market beating performance.

- James D, Engineer, South Australia

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I came across Jason’s system and my trading world changed. Jason is also wonderful mentor. I’m such a better trader because of him. I couldn’t recommend the service highly enough." 

- Kim B, retired Business Owner, NSW


Absolutely Awesome

"I've followed Jason's work since 2000, and his trading services since 2014. They are absolutely awesome. Jason will change the way you trade, and teach you in the process."

- Jennifer G, Financial Services, Sydney

Meet Jason

Jason McIntosh
Creator of Motion Trader

Since 2000, I've helped thousands of everyday people discover a better way to trade. This FREE online training event will show you how to trade like some of the best. You'll learn a proven 5 Step formula... a formula that's transforming how people trade.

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How to Build a Highly Profitable Portfolio