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One of the hardest parts of investing is finding where to start. Many people search for years without success. Others get close, but miss a key element. This series will show you where to begin and how to progress. Put yourself on the right track. Register your details today.

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- Learn when to sell a winning stock and when to cut a loser
- Get action steps to help transform your portfolio
- See real investments from my own broking account
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I'm Jason McIntosh, the creator of Motion Trader — an online advisory service for retail investors and SMSFs.
My career began in 1991 on the trading floor at Bankers Trust. I got to work with some of the best traders in the land, and I became a pretty good trader myself.
I gave up the hustle and bustle of the CBD in 2007. Nowadays, I manage my family's investments from home in Sydney. 
But what I most enjoy is teaching regular people invest like the pros. Helping a struggling investor become profitable is hugely satisfying. And if you're ready, I'd like to help you too.

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Ready to Build a Successful Portfolio?

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Investing in the stock market sounds so logical… buy low, sell high.
How hard can it be?
But the reality is something else completely. You need to decide which stocks to buy, when to buy them, how much to invest, when to sell, and then how to reinvest. It’s no wonder the process can quickly become overwhelming.
The biggest problem for many people is deciding when to sell. Either they have a profit and aren’t sure when to cash-out, or a trade is losing money and they don’t know when to exit. Many top traders and investors can relate to this… that’s because they all start from a point of no knowledge.
And that’s what I love about this business. No one’s born an expert trader. You don’t need a fancy qualification or be employed by a Wall Street bank. All you need is a bit of capital and the right people to learn from. The people who’ve been there themselves. The people who’ve had the struggles and come out the other side.
That’s what it was like when I was starting out. But I was lucky, I was lucky to find excellent mentors early on. And they made all the difference. They put me on the right path early in my career and I haven’t looked back. Many of the best traders and investors start out the same way.
I sometimes wonder where I’d be if I didn’t have access to the right people early on. Maybe I would have eventually found my way. Persistence and trial and error can work miracles. But at best, my progress would have been much slower. And there’s a big chance I would have crashed out like many aspiring traders.
So that’s what the Skills Accelerator video series is all about. It’s about showing you a professional approach to the stock market, and helping you avoid the mistakes that many people make. I want to help you learn the right way to trade and invest. And I want to help you reach your goals without years of trial and error.
If that interests you, then I believe you’ll get a lot from the series. Simply understanding the 5 key rules I'm going to explain could put you way ahead of most people. And better still, you'll learn how to apply them yourself. 
All you need to do now is register your details and we’ll be ready to start.
I just know you’ll get a lot from the Skills Accelerator series. I want you to learn how I invest in the stock market, and I want to teach you how to make my ways your ways. Just like I did with my mentors, and they did with theirs.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Jason McIntosh  
Creator, Motion Trader 

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