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Motion Trader Overview

Motion Trader is for people who value robust analysis, data driven entry and exit signals, commentary, and education.

Unlike most advisory services, Motion Trader doesn’t rely on human analysts. The service is 100% algorithmic. This gives it the power to analyse practically every ASX stock. Many of the companies it identifies are anything but household names.  

The algorithms scan the ASX for medium-term investment trends. I (Jason) also share our own results to help you build confidence and trust in the process. It's all about giving you the tools and experience to take control of your portfolio. 

You don’t need special software to use the service. All the calculations are done at our end after the market closes. We then send you research that’s ready to action through your broker.

Motion Trader isn’t a day trading service or a get-rich-scheme. Many of the entry signals lead to trades lasting for over a year. The aim is to maximise the profits from your best investments and limit losses when a stock falls.

A key element of the service is to develop your skills. In addition to receiving specific entry and exit instructions, you’ll also learn how the process works. Motion Trader doesn't just tell you what to do, we also explain how to do it yourself.

Your journey begins with video training, where I tell you about the system's strategies — the same strategies used by some of the world’s best traders. I use this process myself, and I’ll show you examples from my family's portfolio.

You also get access to me through a weekly mentoring report and Q&A. Our aim is to make you a more confident and capable trader. And we want to help you get there with a service that’s easy to digest and simple to use.

In short, Motion Trader is a formula — a proven system for buying and selling stocks. 

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5 TACTICS of the world's top traders:

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