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Active Investor Package

Payments are likely tax deductible. Check with your accountant. The true price may be lower.

Motion Trader uses a step-by-step process that shows you exactly when to buy and sell ASX stocks. From the time you buy, to when you sell, Motion Trader guides your every step.  

What you'll get:

  • Algorithmic buy signals for high potential ASX stocks

  • Weekly mentoring reports

  • Tailored exit levels for each stock

  • Short trading service

  • Motion 300 proprietary indicator

  • 30-day money back period (membership fee only)

What People Are Saying:

In 2014 I came across Jason’s system and my trading world changed. The simple promise of 'letting winners run and cutting losses early' was the main attraction, but I liked that the system was based on Jason’s algorithm rather than someone trying to pick a stock based on fundamentals or fortune telling. That I’m getting double digit gains by just buying and selling according to the signals he gives is fabulous. The bonus is that Jason is also wonderful mentor. I was only expecting a “what to trade” service, but he also gives fantastic insights to how to trade.

Kim B, Retired Business Owner, NSW

Jason, you have positively changed the way I manage my portfolio. Your system has taught me to hold many small positions, let the profits run, and cut the losses quickly. This strategy is working well. Before your intervention, I let losing positions keep going down, hoping they would recover, and I closed winning positions that kept on rising after I sold.

George S, George S, Geophysicist, Perth

Jason, I cannot praise you enough for your inspirational leadership and success in managing Quant Trader (the foreunner to Motion Trader). I joined just after it started in 2015 and I have in silent awe followed all your trade notifications and weekly tutorials. I am nearly 91 years old, and during my odd moments of nostalgic doting my mind often goes back to my school days when teaching was a real profession. I was lucky, I had a few, but luckily enough, memorable masters who had this wonderful gift of being able to teach a class of 30 or more pupils and yet hold everyone’s attention, I have revered these wonderful people for all of my adult life. You, Jason, have thoroughly earned the same respect, you are amongst those special few. Please continue the good work. I wish you every success with Motion Trader. I am utterly determined to be with you on this coming (and I know) successful journey.

Eric M, retired Automotive Engineer, Melbourne

I've followed Jason's work since 2000, and his trading services since 2014. They are absolutely awesome. Just do what they say and you'll make money. There'll naturally be some losses, but overall I'm well in front. More importantly, Jason will change the way you trade, and teach you in the process. The education you get is second to none. Thanks Jason. It's been a fantastic learning curve!

Jennifer G, Financial Services, Sydney

From the outset Jason has been very open about the system's workings, providing introductory video's that were easy to understand and follow. We joined Jason's service as an early adopter in 2014. His system is very well structured, with clearly defined rules taking a lot of the emotion out of trading. The weekly email reports from Jason have also been extremely useful in building our own knowledge and understanding of how to trade markets more effectively. We have been able to take many of the principles from the system and apply them to other areas of our investing.

Dom B, Mining engineer, WA

After two years of analysis, three months of build, three months of preliminary testing and two years of further (exhaustive) testing and live trading I am finally ready to trade my entire self-managed super fund. None of this would have been possible without you, Jason, so a heartfelt thank you. You have certainly achieved your goal of helping other people become good traders.

Neil B, Restaurateur, Bunbury